What Works for You?

I work with managed-care  companies and self-pay clients. I give my best to all clients, and my fees low enough so that most people can afford self-pay.

With self-pay, would you like to be able to email me between sessions, have a session by email or on the phone?

Would you appreciate the assurance of absolute privacy?  Wouldn’t you like knowing that, I, as your coach/therapist am available to you more often than through managed care?

I have four and a half decades of experience.  I am licensed and mandated to take courses to update my knowledge.

You need to search for a potential therapist very carefully.  Look for experience coupled with compassion.

Whatevere works for you, call me at 305-461-9726.  Let’s chat and see if we click.  My voice mail is confidential if I am not available.