About Balanced Life Coaching and Therapy of Miami

Are you tired of focusing your life on taking care of everyone except yourself? Is your health starting to suffer as a consequence of putting yourself last in your list of priorities? Do you toss and turn at night worrying about dealing with despair?

You are not alone. Many adults feel just as you do. It is possible to get your life in balance and feel productive and happy again. I would like to help.

When it feels as you’re just going through the motions of your life, it is hard to feel good or excited about anything. I know that you don’t want to feel like this, and I understand you may not know how to change, and what you’ve tried so far hasn’t worked. Many of my clients visit me for just this type of situation.

If your days are filled with career anxieties, it’s hard to give it your best when you feel stuck or scared to try something new. I can coach you through this difficult time.

When you’re taking care of children, a significant other or aging parents, it can feel like your own life has gotten lost. I can coach you back to owning your own choices and taking the time you deserve.

When you’re ready for a change, I can make it easier for you. Email me for a brief chat about how coaching will work for you.