When to Date After A Divorce

Before dating after a divorce, ask yourself these questions.

1.  What was the length of the marriage?  The longer the marriage, the longer it takes to get over the relationship.  Take time to heal or else your dates will sense that you are not ready.

2.  Are there children involved?  Realize that managing custody schedules and babysitters in order to date is difficult.  Take things slowly.  Children may not be ready to have another parental figure thrown into the mix.

3.  What was the nature of the divorce?  There is a big difference between an angry split and an amicable ending in which a couple simply “grew apart.”  The more resentment, the longer you need to take to work through the negativity.

4.  Was the divorce mutual?  If you didn’t want the marriage to end, you might date for the wrong reasons such as making your former spouse jealous or trying to lessen the pain.  The more time people take to work on themselves, the more successful they are at dating again.  Take steps to bolster your self-esteem.

5.  Are you prepared?  Know that holidays and anniversaries may bring on the blues.  Have a support network of family and friends.

Shared from Kimberly Seltzer