Spicing Up Your Long-term Relationship

Has the specialiness of your relationship disappeared?  Here are a few suggestions for getting back on track.

1.  Disagree with respectful words.  A tiff once in a while is healthy, but don’t let it become unpleasant.

2.  Listen to your partner sharing his/her concerns.  Listen sincerely and actively.  You need not have a solution.

3.  Take a vacation.  It need not be luxurious; having fun is the idea.

4.  Change your routine.  Change the pattern of your activities.;  do the everyday things differently.

5.  Do a project together.

6.  Don’t blame your partner or yourself.

7.  Expect the relationship to sparkle.  Don’t settle for whatever rut you’re in.

8.  Make time for one another.

9.  Cook together.  Walk together.

10.  Dress to make an effort to show that you want to look good in the company of your partner.